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Tall Clothes Created By Tall Women

Welcome to TALLternative

We’re a community-driven sustainable brand for TALL women. Our clothes are designed in collaboration with our 25,000+ strong community to ensure they’re perfect for our tall figures, and are made after you order to ensure no waste. 

The TALLternative community help design every item!

Production starts after orders are taken, ensuring no waste.

You finally get amazing fitted clothes for a great price.

Why You’ll Love the TALLternative Collection:

Our clothes are designed by TALL women for TALL women in sizes UK6/US2 - UK24/US20

Our prices are up to 40% lower than traditional brands thanks to our zero waste model - no tall tax here.

The rest of the money we save supports children living near our factories to learn to read and write and also pays garment workers higher wages. Amazing clothes for you = a better world!

Better for the planet

Zero items sent to landfill

Better for you

Lower prices on quality clothes

Better for workers

Kids supported in education

The TALLternative community in our first collection

TALLternative is a ray of hope for us all. Quality fabrics, ethically sourced, proportioned for our special sisterhood. What's not to love! Linda

It's great to have TALLternative where style has no size! Clara

I love the quality and the cut of the clothing, as 6ft 5 woman high street just doesn't work for me. TALLternative has been wonderful! Vanessa

Join 25,000+ tall women shopping a better way!

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